MAY FOOTBALL AT D.J. QUINN’S – Watch the action unfold as the season comes to a close!

MAY FOOTBALL AT D.J. QUINN’S – Watch the action unfold as the season comes to a close!

May is just around the corner and with it comes a triple bank holiday month perfect for enjoying your weekends. With the Premier League coming to a close over the next four weeks, the fixtures are becoming more tense than ever as the fight for the title begins..

Catch all of the action here at D.J. Quinn’s whilst enjoying plenty of 3-day weekends – As well as the ongoing Champions League fixtures proving to be another great year for football finals. Here’s whats coming up:



1st – Leicester City v Everton – 20:00

2nd – Arsenal v Chelsea – 20:00

3rd – West Ham v Man City 20:00

+ Liverpool v Fulham 20:00

4th – Brighton v Man Utd – 20:00

6th – Liverpool v Brentford – 17:30

7th – Man City v Leeds – 14:00

 + Newcastle v Arsenal – 16:30

+ West Ham v Man Utd – 19:00

8th – Brighton v Everton – 17:30

+ Nottingham Forest v Southampton – 20:00

13th – Leeds v Newcastle – 12:30

14th – Everton v Man City – 14:00

+ Arsenal v Brighton – 16:30

15th – Leicester v Liverpool – 20:00

20th – (TV Schedule TBC) – Penultimate Weekend

West Ham v Leeds 15:00

Liverpool v Aston Villa 15:00

Brighton v Southampton 15:00

Tottenham v Brentford 15:00

Wolves v Everton 15:00

Nottingham Forest v Arsenal 15:00

Newcastle v Leicester 15:00

Bournemouth v Man Utd 15:00

Man City v Chelsea 15:00

Fulham v Crystal Palace 15:00

28th – (TV Schedule TBC) – Final Weekend

Aston Villa v Brighton 16:30

Everton vs Bournemouth 16:30

Leeds Utd vs Tottenham 16:30

Brentford vs Man City 16:30

Manchester United v Fulham 16:30

Chelsea v Newcastle 16:30

Leicester vs West Ham 16:30

Arsenal vs Wolves 16:30

Southampton v Liverpool 16:30

Crystal Palace v Nottingham Forest 16:30


9th – Semi Finals Leg 1 – TBD

+ Semi Final 2 Leg 1 – TBD

16th – Semi Finals Leg 2 – TBD

+ Semi Final 2 Leg 2 – TBD

June 10th – Champions League Final ( TBD v TBD )


Not to mention we have Live Music every weekend from various local artists, ensuring your upcoming bank holidays are full to the brim with entertainment. Visit this May for tons of live sports including the GAA, Horse Racing, Rugby, Championship fixtures & more..

All events in May are free entry and you don’t need to book a table. Just show up and enjoy the celebrations – Sláinte!